Out-of-Boundary Student Practicum Placements Within Canada

Practicum Sub-Committee of Curriculum Committee

Policy: Out-of-Boundary Student Practicum Placements Within Canada

Description: An out-of-boundary placement is one in which a student is placed in a site which is beyond the usual geographic catchment area (see appendix) used by the School of Nursing. The opportunity to complete our BScN programs in communities beyond our catchment area is a privilege for a limited number of students that is supported for students who have demonstrated academic and clinical strengths. This policy applies to integrated practicum (IP) or advanced nursing science practicum placement (ANSP).


Created: October 1, 2003
Revised: Feb 21, 2007; Feb 28, 2007; Mar 22, 2007, March 23, 2011
Approved by Practicum Committee: Feb 28, 2007
Approved by Curriculum Committee: Mar 5, 2007
Approved: SoN Council, June 25, 2008

Policy Overview:

1. At completion of the third semester of Nursing courses, students must have a minimum of:
a) B+ average in all Nursing courses and
b) B+ in practicum courses.

2. Student must complete a proposal (see appendix 2) to request an out-of-boundary placement. Since many sites are requesting a resume and cover letter, these must be included with the proposal. Completing and submitting a request for OOB does not guarantee the requested placement.

3. The student is responsible for demonstrating evidence of meeting all requirements of the placement agency and any regulatory and legal requirements (eg. Work permits, clinical preparedness permit, etc.) and financial obligations arising from the out-of-boundary placement (i.e. teleconference costs).

4. If issues arise that cannot be resolved, whether related to student performance (see Involuntary Withdrawal Policy) or site complexities, the placement may be terminated. This may involve repeating the course.

Student/Clinical Course Director Relationship

1. The Clinical Course Director (CCD) for the student will communicate by email, course web pages and fax primarily. Telephone conferences will be arranged between the CCD, student, and preceptor for evaluation meetings.


1. Students will submit all required documentation to the Nursing Practicum Coordination Office (NPCO) by the deadline date; October 15th for courses starting in January, Feb 18th for courses starting in May, and June 16th for courses starting in September. No requests will be considered after the deadline date. 2. The NPCO will communicate with prospective contact sites to facilitate the placement. Students do not contact a prospective site or preceptor directly.

3. Eligibility for consideration of an OOB placement will be jeopardized if the process is not followed as outlined.