GeoPreferences e-Form Instructions

By completing and submitting a GeoPreferences e-form you provide the NPCO staff with the critical information needed to arrange your clinical placement.  When filling in the e-form, please:

  • Complete and submit.  If you submit more than one e-form, only the last one submitted will be valid.
  • Submit your e-form by the deadline to ensure that your preferences are considered when matching you to a placement site.
  • Provide the address where you will be living during the school year (as it is a principle consideration when arranging your placement).
  • Be sure to indicate if you have access to a car.

While all efforts are made to accommodate student preferences, it is not always possible.

As such, please keep in mind that your placements can occur on weekends and be located more than one hour travel from your home.

Click here to access SAMPLE Completed GeoPreferences e-form.